Fantasy, Humour

The Fifth Elephant (Discworld #24) by Terry Pratchett


When talking about a Terry Pratchett book, it would not do to go by the standard route. I have read quite a few in my pre-blog times, and then there was a lull for a while. I am working my way through the books again as and when I get the opportunity.
There is a running vein of humour throughout the book and the unravelling of some form of political intrigue amongst all the factions of creatures living together in the city. Further analysis of the book can trigger many discussions about the ‘true’ lesson here. That is if one is not distracted by the humour or the Igors.
In this instalment, there are rumours about things going wrong with the dwarves in their original dwelling. This precipitates a closer inspection by the city officials because the ripple effects are starting to be felt there as well. I would not recommend picking up the series at this point, even though the series can be read out of order. The balance between multiple characters has already been set, and if you do not know the history (or at least some of it) behind their eccentrics, it would not be as much fun.
It took me some time to read it all, something I was unable to do at a stretch, but I enjoyed it whenever I picked it up.
I went ahead and picked up another from the Discworld series to read again this month. This series is definitely an acquired taste that I am usually wary of recommending to anyone without confirming that they would enjoy the humour within.

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