The Last Pearl Fisher of Scotland by Julia Stuart

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I picked this book almost solely based on the cover and the title. There was something about it that drew me to the text.
It was at my local library, and it has actually been a while since I read it! It is not as highly rated online as I would expect, but I really enjoyed the book. Enjoyed is probably not a very appropriate way to describe my experience since I spent half the book in tears for all the cross purpose communication that people ended up doing throughout the book, making their lives harder at each point.
Brodie is the last of his ilk- he is the last pearl fisherman in the area. There is so much happening in this story that it is hard to pigeonhole it into a single box. At its core, it is about a man trying to do the best for his family. It might have been a while since I actually read it, but the despair with which Brodie faces his day is still stark in my memory. He wants to hold up his traditions (or something that he knows of as his family tradition). In his bid to satisfy a family code, he is becoming harder and harder to communicate to.
As Brodie’s life unravels, his daughter and her well-meaning actions stir up more trouble than any of them could ever imagine. It is not a situation that I have read about before, and it was fascinating to see how easily the face of a location can change thanks to fast-moving gossip/news!
The characters were the kind that I found hard to stay aloof from. Everyone is trying their best with what they have, but they still do not manage to reach each other!
It is a sad story, with a better ending than I could have hoped for, given the turns the story was taking. I might admit that I liked it as much because I read it as a physical book. I might not have had the patience to appreciate it if I had picked up a digital version.

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