Historical fiction, Horror

The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell

I am trying to review as many of my non advance reviewer copy books that I have read in the year before the end of the month/year.

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The book was very popular on the blogosphere when it was released. The Author has since developed quite a loyal fan base, and I was curious about the book.
The cover is absolutely gorgeous and has a hidden panel that provides an extra eerie feeling to the reader. It is also labelled as gothic horror, not something I pick up very often, and I set out to challenge myself.
The story begins darkly. We have a mourning widow (with a few secrets of her own) who is coming to her husband’s ancestral home to deliver her child. Parallelly, we know that there was a fire and an investigation being carried out, but the leading suspect is silent.
We can hear her thoughts and watch the story unfolding over the period between her arrival at a dark almost-castle and her incarceration.
The atmosphere was just right, and the ending was not entirely satisfactory to me, but it might be on par with others in the genre.
I did find myself liking the authors narrative style and will definitely be picking up more books by the Author. Regarding this book, there is nothing more that I can say that would not spoil the effect that it’s meant to have on those reading it for the first time.

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