#FlashbackFriday, Meme

#FlashBackFriday December 2020

My last month’s post for this meme was: #FlashBackFriday November 2020. It is a monthly meme that is easy and fun and gives you an excuse to peek at your life, one year earlier. This is a recurring meme hosted by Kerry @Chat about Books.

December 2020 was a very significant month, in the sense 2020 was coming to an end and everyone (I am sure) would have felt like change was on the horizon. 2021 was another year of the same, if not more. I spent it buried in a book or two, or 300. It did help me plough through my backlist and make 2022 seem like an easier year to approach. I will leave further retrospection for the end-of-year posts but looking at the posts for last year while compiling this list made me go down that route a little prematurely.

Posts made in December 2020

Books I gave 5 stars to

50747034. sy475

Books I gave 4 stars to

54484266. sy475
55624190. sy475
52127716. sx318
50202807. sx318 sy475
50833559. sx318 sy475

Books I gave 3 stars to

54831503. sx318
54850333. sy475
40543854. sy475
54474789. sy475

Books I did not enjoy


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