Razor by Wilkie Martin

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I embarked upon this very random light pick(or so I thought) without much thought given to the contents. It turned out to be anything but light, and I am glad I stumbled on it. The writing style is probably the only ‘light’ thing about it. This off-hand style of narration might create an impression that the mental crisis that our ‘hero’ Razor is going through is a frivolous phase, but it is more convoluted than that.
As the blurb rightly proclaims, a mourning husband has a lot more than regular survivors guilt. He forces himself into situations that he ordinarily wouldn’t, trying to hasten the end he craves. But fate has other plans for him. Every time he (and we as readers) think that any particular encounter would be the last, and the story was winding down, an unexpected (and at the time, unwanted) help arrives, and the tale takes a whole new path.
The writing was easy to read, and although the content was emotionally heavy, it seemed appropriately dealt with. The ending(s) was highly unexpected, and probably why I did not give this a slightly higher rating.
I was not as taken by the conclusion as I could have been. Even with the talk of twists of fate, I would not have expected some of the pieces to turn the way they did! It seemed to move away from the genre of the book; this is probably as much as I can say without providing spoilers.
I would still recommend it to anyone who finds the blurb interesting.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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