Sourdough by Robin Sloan

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This book has been online for a long time; at least discussions about it have been. I saw it at my library and was surprised at its size because for some reason I imagined it to be a bigger volume than it actually was.
It is a weird book, not one I would not recommend to everyone, but it has its own charm. If nothing else, I started my own sourdough starter again (having done it successfully only once before). There is so much discussion about food that I felt like I was hungry for most of it in the relatively short time that I spent reading it. Not just plain hungry, but for bread!
The story begins with our leading lady, Lois (member of a Lois club), finding herself in a part of the world she is unfamiliar with. She begins to work all hours of the day, to the extent of having a liquid diet just to keep enough nutrition in. Things change when she sees a flyer proclaiming good food. This food changes her life, literally and figuratively. It sets her down a path she never imagined possible.
I was a little thrown by the discussion of a whole ‘tribe’ of strange people and how that was just woven into the narrative. It felt jarring, set next to the growth arc of a woman finding out the variety of ways she can enrich her life and feel like she was doing something worthwhile.
It was a fun read, with all the points mentioned above. If by some chance you have never heard of the book before (something I would be really surprised by!), and like the sound of it, it is definitely one to try.

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