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December 2021 Books Vs Moods

This has been an odd year, to say the least.

When I was in college, I used to be one of the few who diligently attended all the classes because of the attendance quota (we had to have a minimum of 75% to avoid paying fines/ attending extra classes in the summer). I would drag myself to even the most unimportant sessions just to ensure that when I needed to, I could slack off/take breaks. More often than not, the end of the year came with teachers giving us the time off anyway. This sometimes meant that towards the very end, when most people on my hostel floor were literally racing to ensure they meet the deadlines, I would roll over and go back to sleep knowing I was safe.

I narrated this whole story to indicate how I felt earlier this month. I kept a steady pace for the more significant portions of the year. I have tons of books I did not end up reviewing and which, therefore will not count for this year’s tallies but I have a significant number of books even without it. Enough to have people questioning how I did it. It was quite simple, really. This year was unexpected by not changing much for me from the previous year. This has been the longest time that I have not gotten onto a flight/long-distance train since I left home for the college I mentioned in the previous paragraph. I dealt with it by immersing myself in books like never before. The numbers may not reflect it, but I was picking up one after the other in quick succession. Even with long breaks to learn to make amigurumi toys or learn to knit tiny stuff for a new niece, when I did not actually read anything- I still hit the 300+ mark. I do not actually want to think about the numbers if I had been even more diligent in listening to audiobooks/updating my blog more frequently. Was anyone in the same boat as me with regards to binging reading like never before? even for the usual readers?

I started and abandoned my attempt at a podcast, another something I will have to address. I am working on providing a bird’s eye view of my reads this year. I love the graphs and hope you will enjoy them. If interested do check out my Mid Year Stats 2021 – Graphs Galore to know what to expect.

For now, and with regards to this post, you have my monthly wrap up of books I reviewed linked to the mood they are best enjoyed in. A relatively shorter list than usual for all the reasons mentioned above. The reviews are linked to the cover pages.

My last month’s post was: November 2021 Books Vs Moods

Rainy day read(cosy/comfortable/Tearful/Joyful/Fun)

28092868. sy475
53352305. sy475

Restless Energy (Dramatic/Ominous/thriller/adventure)

34600633. sy475
36355177. sy475

Inquisitive mood (In the mood for a puzzle to solve)

58911614. sy475
58868478. sx318

Reading Group /Book Club (Debatable)

53968432. sx318
39676520. sy475

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