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Mega Stats 2021!

My post for the last year was:Mega Stats 2020! and my Mid Year’s stats:Here

My long lists for the year are as follows:

I wanted to talk a bit about this year before I lay out my usual set of graphs and things I learnt from those analyses. I almost did not stick with the plan, to get this out there. I took forever to compile the content and then another forever to actually put it together in a presentable manner (that said, I am typing this out before the compilation, so I am doing it with my fingers crossed). It was a tough year, I did a lot of things, reading included, but unlike previous years, I did not feel like I was constructive enough. It is illogical to think that way, and I am hoping for a better 2022. A more positive, exciting new year. I like the way the number looks written down too, something about the pattern I guess. It almost felt like 2021 did not happen. Is anyone in the same boat as me? We started the pandemic lockdown much ahead of the rest of the world in Jan 2020 so 2020 was unique and a learning experience. 2021…not so much. Anyway, I wish all of you and yours a fascinating New Year with exciting things, both new and old 😀

I am glad that I did not give into lethargy to skip it this year (Just like before). If you like graphs and/or are curious about what my year in books looked like…this is EVERYTHING I could describe about it all.

My ratio has stayed the same, even as I read two more Non-fiction books than last year. I was at 15% midyear though.

Drama and Feel-Good seemed to be just the thing this year (not very unlike the previous years)

Total Number of Non-audio pages read: 87678 much more than last year!

No.of Books by Genre and Gender

Poor ratios, especially since I was not paying attention

This is probably the thing I am most happy with this year! I have never read such a diverse collection. A couple of authors repeat within the total because I might have read a book or two more, but it is not significant enough to make a difference in this table.

American 401002
Bangladeshi Canadian1
British Chinese1
British Indian2
Chinese American4
Indian American1
New Zealander1
Sierra Leonean1
South African1
Sri Lankan1

Translated works : 22- better than last year!

Most of the above are short stories and graphic novels! I did not feel the need to add a graph like I did during the mid year stats.

My listening time fell significantly to 260 hours = 10 days and 20 hours. Although I used the NetGalley audio to add variety, I did not listen to my Kindle Unlimited like before. Something I intend to rectify, since it is something I actually pay for.

No.of audiobooks by Genre and where I got it from
AudioBooks and their narrators

177 Standalone to 145 books which are part of a series. The positions in a series are as follows:

I cleared tons of backlog. It also means I have a very poor balance.

I bought two books after I got the ARC, and there were quite a few reprints that I enjoyed.

Rating by type of read
Rating by Genre, The 5s are well spaced out!
Year of Publication
Year in which the story was based. I did not consider anything to be 2020 unless they mentioned the pandemic!
Countries where the stories were based. A lot more variety than previous years(even if it doesn’t look like it) Space,fantasy world and a few that had more than a few countries were also part of this list.

4 thoughts on “Mega Stats 2021!”

    1. Thank You! 🙂
      An author has created a whole world for us..I only consider it their due then 😀
      I am also glad to know I am not the only one. I usually have more space based, maybe I will look for them this year!

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