The Case of the Rolling Bones (Perry Mason #15) by Erle Stanley Gardner

The Case of the Rolling Bones cover art

Narrated by: Alexander Cendese

I intend to continue my reread (or, more precisely, the listening) of books in the Perry Mason series. I just had a conversation with a friend who was considering picking them up because she has only minimal time and wanted something light and familiar. That conversation made me realise I had not yet written a review for this installment.
The mystery part here is stronger than in many others. We have a plethora of suspects and even victims (since Perry Mason is involved). It made my head spin. Usually, I am aware of the roads we might take in a book where someone comes to the lawyer for help. This time around, I was unsure almost to the very end who he was telling the truth to and what it was exactly.
We have a dysfunctional family with only one member seemingly having the best interest of the wealthy resident scion. She asks for Perry’s help in setting things right and letting people make the decisions they want. As I mentioned earlier, this is easier said than done since everyone is playing a game of their own. This essentially means there were tons of narratives to follow, each as complicated as the other.
Finally, it is the kind of short work that is snappy and action-packed that makes the listening experience complete and fun. I hope to get to other books in the extra-long series more often this year and recommend it to anyone who thinks my descriptions sound like something they’d enjoy.

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