Chick lit

The Imperfect Art of Caring by Jessica Ryn

Narrated by Rebecca Cooper

The story jumps right in to provide a complete picture of our leading lady’s life. Violet is functionally doing okay; she has a job and a hobby, both of which keep her busy. Then her estranged sister drops by to drop a bomb on her. She needs her to play a role in taking care of their mother. Their mother has several issues, all put together means that she needs someone on hand to keep an eye on her and help her out.
Violet is forced out of her cozy bubble, back to a place that marked her and still troubles her. She does not think she can undo any of the mistakes she has made or contribute fruitfully to the community at large. There is a slow and believable progression between an unsure Violet, bent on sticking with the original plan and the one that emerges from that shell.
I must admit that the Anne(of Green Gables) references got a little much beyond a point(Something I never thought I’d say). It was fun and relatable when it happened the first few times, but it happened once too often on audio, pulling the focus away from the story at hand. Some of those occasions did not need a diversion to Anne in the first place!
That said, if I had read the book instead of watching all the eccentric people band together to form a found family, I might not have had the same emotional reaction as I did as I listened to the heart-rending turmoil in each and every character’s life. The plot construction was a little loose, but as I listened to some great and appropriate narration, I was not as concerned by any small loopholes that I might have otherwise obsessed about. The story’s primary focus (apart from Violet’s growth) is on the idea of people who need caregivers and the lives and complications of those caregivers.
I would recommend it to readers who look for found families and families who repair their fractured relationships over the course of the entire book.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own listening experience of the book.

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