Seven Perfect Things by Catherine Ryan Hyde

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Narrators: Christa Lewis, Ryan Burke, Jess Nahikian

I have always tried to keep up with this author’s works. I have read/listened to quite a few of them, and there is almost always one more release every year. I am not sure I will continue to do so, but I am glad I picked this one up.
The narration is of a cast, with a different person narrating a separate character. There are three in total. We have one grieving widower, one troubled housewife and an equally (if not more) troubled schoolgirl. The story is very straightforward and is all about helping and understanding one another.
We begin with a man looking back at his life and what he could do with the time given to him. At the same time, far away, a bullied schoolgirl does a heroic act that puts her in a fix. Their paths cross, and events go beyond their control.
It is an emotional narrative, but I did not shed tears for it like I usually do for her work. I think one of my strongest tear-jerkers would remain Luis Valez. This is why I have decided to give myself a break from her work and come back to it later, with a fresh view.
The people in this book (as with many other such works) think and introspect a lot. This introspection is an ideal way for the narrative to move forward. Here we have the presence of dogs to warm the overall story. We have the reality of caring for animals as well as the joys it brings being discussed in equal measure.
I would still recommend this to anyone on the lookout for a drama relating to a family and its members going through a learning curve. It would further appeal to anyone who likes animals, especially dogs playing a strong central role in their stories.
The narration is the best part since the entire cast brings the emotions to life and makes the experience worthwhile.

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