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Modern Crochet Style by Lindsey Newns

My reading has faced a few alterations in the past few months because I started to pay serious attention to crochet and knitting again. One of the primary reasons(there were a few) was this book.
I received a logbook of sorts with tiny checks with a large order of yarns a couple of years ago. I never figured out how to note down the stitches on it until I got to this book.
I have not worked proper Fair Isle style before and have not done complicated colour work either. This book let me learn and implement it with ease! I tried only one of the patterns in here, but the clear instructions and the simplicity of the projects were refreshing. I jazzed up my version of the hat in the book, mostly because I only had a random collection of yarns, and I wanted it to be warmer.
I would love to keep a copy of this on the shelf to browse and adapt designs from. There is nothing exceptionally novel in the patterns and suggestions within these pages, but it is done in a manner that greatly boosted my productivity, and that is all a person really wants out of such books, right?
I received an ARC thanks to Netgalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading and trial experience.

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