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Night Watch (Discworld #29) by Terry Pratchett


This might just be the year that I work my way through significant Terry Pratchett Books. My library has a sporadic collection, but I have got my hands on digital reprints that are coming out this year. I have finally got into the groove of reading it at the pace that it is best enjoyed. I stop less frequently to point out something I noticed as being funny to the closest person sitting next to me.
This book was no exception. I was lucky enough to read it almost immediately after the previous one(chronologically), and it continued the line of narrative started in the previous work. I would not recommend going in without an understanding of a majority of characters. If the people (to collectively call all the characters in the book) are unknown to the reader, they will only laugh at the obvious humour and not at the hidden digs based on the characteristics of the various types of individuals(an even better word than people) that make up the story.
Sam Vines is waiting for his first child to be born; he is also being felicitated. There is also a mass murder on the loose. All of these events interact together and send him on a trip that takes him a long time to wrap his head around.
I will not say more because if you do read this, the adventure needs to be experienced first hand. Underneath all the humour and satire is a very emotional tale. The author covers the idea of ideals and hero worship with people’s regular life in a fascinating manner. It was hard not to reflect and feel with and for the characters.
I would highly recommend this series; there are a lot of books- meaning solid reading for anyone willing to venture into this world. I must point out that this is a well-done fantasy, with the politics and history that that entails. Anyone who is either uninterested or unwilling to see different types of people and magic in their book should stay away. Even the humour is built on the magic that is the world written about here!

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