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Wake Me Up When It’s All Over… by Kate Moore

I read and reviewed the previous collection here

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I read and enjoyed the previous such collection and thought I could give this a shot as well. Unlike Letters to the editor in any other year, the last couple has made it easier for them to be relatable despite the country to which you belong and/or reside. Everyone has been in the same boat since 2020, and only now, I would presume, things are starting to vary across the world in terms of ‘normalcy’.
The previous collection spoke of people coming to terms with the pandemic, the medical situations and other related things. This collection was about people voicing their frustrations about lockdowns and fluctuating rules. Given the more recent scandals, I would assume there would have been more discussions surrounding that topic!
These people in the UK have written in with some things they found funny, frustrating or a strange combination of the two. There were more political notes here than in the previous work, and since I do not follow UK politics, a part of which I did not understand at all. The rest was generic and entertaining. Given the nature of the remarks, it is not something you can read at one go, but I dipped in and out and chucked at a few. I felt like people must have stored certain quips they come up with over time to send to the newspaper!
I think people in the country may enjoy it more than I did, for others, I would recommend the previous set if they find the idea entertaining.
I received an ARC thanks to Netgalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.


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