Book Recommendations

March 2022 Books Vs Moods

I was in two minds about this post. I renamed it to add the April books as well and post them together at the end of the next month, then switched it out again. Sometime in the afternoon, I decided I wanted to keep my hand in the blogging world and even if March was… Continue reading March 2022 Books Vs Moods

Chick lit, Drama

Sunny by Sukh Ojla

There was something entirely enjoyable about this book. The point of view is not one I am familiar with or at least the few I have had the opportunity to read did not agree with me. This was not the case here. If anything, I would say only the incessant reference to her own physical… Continue reading Sunny by Sukh Ojla


Cue for Murder and Who’s Calling by Helen McCloy

I continue to like this author's works more because of their entertainment value than actual scientific facts/investigation. There are times I felt like I should check the possibility of a certain train of thought/psychological pronouncement, but I left it alone in order to enjoy the plotline itself. Cue for Murder: This story begins with a… Continue reading Cue for Murder and Who’s Calling by Helen McCloy