Thriller, Young Adult/Children

You’ll Be the Death of Me by Karen M. McManus

Book is still available to request on NetGalley

There are some books that, when you dissect and think about later (as in before writing of its review), you feel like the content was not that special. However, the reading experience was just right for the size and type of narrative. This is one such book.
I really enjoyed it when I finished it a while ago, and now when I think about it, nothing stands out. Despite that, I highly recommend this book in this genre. The author’s writing is light but emotional. There is something in the way the twist unravels, and the story progresses that is engrossing. I have found almost all her books a one-sitting read, just to see where everything will lead to.
In this book, we are back in a high school with three estranged friends who are all prepping to have a bad day. As they muse about their respective issues, both home and otherwise, they recollect a day long ago when they all had played truant together and went sightseeing.
Before they enter the school, a chance encounter leads them down the same path. I will not go into any further details for obvious reasons.
Once they set off, the time and current differences make things awkward between them. The final nail is a dead body in a place they should not have known about and where none of them should have been. This spirals things out of control quite instantly. The way media is used by any passerby to spread information is used as a tool to progress the story. It shows how easily someone can be convinced of a certain turn of events without having any first or even second-hand knowledge.
As I mentioned earlier, the ending is well worth the wait. I was a little puzzled about how things were winding down when the unexpected happened! I am curious about how the twist will be further explored in the next installment because it has a minimal scope of being thrilling.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience of this and other works by the same author.

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