Sci Fi

Chaos Walking #2,#3 by Patrick Ness

The Ask and the Answer

This was the book I liked best in the series. There was a point after reading the first that I was unsure if I was going to continue with the rest. When I kept seeing them at the library, I decided that I should just go ahead and work my way through them. I am glad that I did.

Our courageous duo was left in a very precarious position at the end of their long and arduous journey. Things are just going to get worse for them as they are split up and people with differing agendas are working on them individually to bend them to their own needs. It is here that we realize how sheltered and young the central characters are. They do not know enough of the world to not fall into the traps set for them.

In every way, it was a captivating book that would make no sense without the understanding presented to us in the previous work.

Monsters of Men

This is the biggest volume and filled with the most action. Given that there was some form of scuffle or the other previously, it is a big task for a book to shoulder so much battle. It achieves its purpose.

Anyone reading this review without having read the previous works is probably looking for one of two things, if it can be read out of sequence or if it is worth getting to this point once you have begun the series. The answer to the first is a definite no and the latter answer is a maybe. I liked the final wrap up but for one biggest issue. The central ‘love story’ never rang true until the very end. I was shipping Lee more than Todd because there was more chemistry and it made more sense. Todd and Viola were more like siblings to me than anything else.

Nothing in this part of the book will hold emotional power unless you have walked the troubled path that the rest have walked to get to the end point. The power struggles are very realistically portrayed as are the conflicting emotions in any given person based on what the story continues to throw at them.

I am glad I read this series, and would recommend it to anyone who would like to see how the slightly older dystopian scenarios used to play out but I might not sing its praises like I do for some others.

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