Historical fiction, Mystery

Front Page Murder by Joyce St. Anthony

We are introduced to a spunky new leading lady in this World War II-era based series. This is a solid start to a series with different segments, each with apparently separate storylines in the beginning.

This small town has all the required characteristics to cause unrest, with unknown people moving in to work in the local factories, especially women since the war has claimed many of the eligible men for its own. In the midst of these changes, Irene has been handed the reins of her father’s newspaper. Her being a woman is uncomfortable for those she is supposed to be the boss of. This is the first plotline, the other is Irene’s family life- with her mother and sister as the central figures. The final part is the mystery itself. There seem to be Nazi Sympathesizers amidst the townsfolk making it hard for the few Jewish residents. This as well as a death or two which are probably unrelated has the newspaper office buzzing.

My rating for the book only means that I mean to wait and watch for the next in the series. I found it easy to read, and finished it in two sittings or so. I only found the introductions of the people of the story a little too heavy-handed, instead of being shown, we were told about certain things (which I have seen sometimes in this genre). This will not be an issue in the next book, because we would already know most of the people! I am looking forward to the next because this is an intriguing setup with a lot of hurdles for regular citizens. The people are all very different and the voices and behaviours stand out as individuals making it worth the reading experience.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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