Chick lit

Villa of Second Chances by Jennifer Bohnet

This is a slightly different book in this genre. The average age of all the characters is slightly higher than the cover might signify. This does not mean that it changes much of the ‘feel’ of the book.

There are two separate sets of characters in the story; one consists of a pair of sisters who run a villa as a wedding destination on the French Riviera, and the other is a trio of friends who have a long history. The first pair are confronting change of the monumental kind. One of the sisters wants to retire from the business, and having been a team for a long time, the possibility of doing it alone is daunting to the other.

The trio of friends is at a crossroads in life. They each are making a life-altering decision. This book is about how they help or hinder each other and how they come to terms with the things they have to do. This is a very simple, straightforward story, and the ‘twists’ were things I saw coming. I liked the author’s narration. Although the characters’ voices are different enough to sound like individuals, there seem to be too many of them. They all receive an arc and have their story wrapped up by the end of the book. This made it hard for me to be emotionally invested in any one person, and it is a task to appreciate everyone’s tale simultaneously. The emotions run deep, and all the women take some significant decisions. I read this quite quickly and enjoyed it. It is not light and fluffy, which is something readers of this genre should be aware of before going in. I would read another by the author.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

4 thoughts on “Villa of Second Chances by Jennifer Bohnet”

  1. This sounds good but I know what you mean about having too many characters to invest in them all. I just read the third in a series and the first two had really engaging characters but in the third, I kept trying to peer past the central character to see those two again!

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      1. 😅 that’s even harder then! I prefer individuals getting their happily ever after one after the other, it’s only when everything is happening simultaneously that I feel torn


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