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The Peppermint Tea Chronicles (44 Scotland Street #13) by Alexander McCall Smith

It has been almost forever since I read a book by this author. While I was still in HK and visiting my library weekly, I would end up picking one or the other from any of the series’ I am familiar with. I saw this sitting pretty in my local library, and nostalgia hit me hard (two + years can also count as nostalgia in my book!).

It is a hardbound version; this and the fact that I was looking forward to it did indeed help my reading experience. I also had high expectations for this, which were met.

I would not recommend this as a starting point to enter into this series. Even if the clever phrasing or eccentric characters are entertaining, it is not until you know the trials they have all passed in the previous books that a reader can truly appreciate the events in this book. I have personally missed a few in between, and intend to catch up with them also at some point.

Bertie’s mother has gone away to do a PhD, and there is not a single solitary person unhappy with that change. The entire street seems to be sighing in relief. Two married couples are trying to figure out the balance in their respective lives with very different plans. Bertie was hoping for a whole new world with his grandmother presiding, but everything doesn’t change that suddenly. There are a lot more starts in this than I expected. I can see that the series still has colour left to intrigue a reader like me, who keeps coming back for more.

I have read and reviewed the previous works of the series on this blog, which might give you a better idea if it looks like a series that might be interesting to you.

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