At Night to Die by Henrietta Hamilton (A Sally and Johnny Heldar Mystery)

I have read and reviewed the previous books in the series

I read one or two books of this series out of order, but I think with this one we have reached the appropriate timeline. Although this book does not have any connection to the previous (apart from the Heldars themselves), I would still recommend reading this in some semblance of order. It is easier to imagine the Heldars as a couple and a team with all the things they have experienced previously because very sparse information is provided about their personal lives during the mystery itself. The foreword continues to add to the fascinating history of how these books are coming to be printed now.

Johnny Heldar receives a letter from a friend requesting professional help. It has nothing to do with his profession as an antique bookseller but his side hobby of solving mysteries. His wife encourages him to take it up, arranges for the kids to be dropped off (this is how I maintain the timeline, the age/presence of the kids) and they set off. As the covers all show, it is Sally Heldar who does a lot of the leg work. Her husband is a steady man of few words. He forms an idea in his head with all the combinations possible and they work it out slowly. Although, when a call to action comes, he brings his secret training and helps, making him quite intriguing.

The case here is of an old man who fell to his death, the situation was deemed an accident but some beg to differ. There is also a heightened interest in the library of the man’s house. The heir is young and has some support but needs to get to the bottom of things to proceed with his life. There were a few more twists in this than I thought possible. I guessed the main perpetrator quite early on but was misled in between to think again. I like it when that happens, and this is why I liked this book better than its predecessor.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my reading of this and other books by the author.

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