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Non-Bookish Saturday Post # Card Game: Fluxx

I have been trying something new this year, with my previous post being Non-Bookish Saturday Post: Wingspan. I have been heavily invested in the industry and have been enjoying my forays into board game-related content. It has been energizing and exciting. It is a field that has gained prominence in the last decade, but for anyone even mildly curious and who follows my blog, I hope to bring a few more to their attention.

Also, like the rest of my blog, it is also a way to talk about my current thoughts on things and that can be referred to at a later time!

There are a lot of Fluxx versions, something I found out quite a while after purchasing this. It was a relatively low priced game and reasonably rated and that is why I picked it up in the first place.

I have had it a while and played it a few times. There are a few issues with bringing this out. I can show you the average set-up first:

The basic agenda of the game is quite simple, follow whatever is written on the cards! We begin with basic rules that determine how many cards one should draw and how many they should play. Playing a card involves one of the following: adding/changing an existing rule, changing a goal, playing an action card and following its instructions and finally revealing a keeper card on your side. These keepers are what the goal is usually talking about, they are funny stuff which I believe changes with the theme of the game. In the picture, if I had money and dreams in front of me as keepers ( and got rid of that black card that you can even do without based on who you are playing with), I would have won. There are rules that complicate things by limiting hand rules and keeper numbers

If you are confused by all the things I said above, you wouldn’t be the only one. From one turn to another, the things that you are supposed to do and the winning conditions can change (and usually do). I am one of those players that usually runs any game. The people I generally play with tend to let me do the math and just focus on their turn. Here, this is not possible. Everyone should be equally vigilant to have a good time. Since you have to decide what to do and why, one person cannot keep reminding people of the rules (it is obviously not fun for me). But there is so much potential in this game with just the right group! It is hilarious how fluid everything is and can be as crazy or vengeful as the people seated together want it to be!

Even the few times that it has seemed like work, I have laughed out loud at some of the occurrences. I recommend this game to people who play something light and even quick (at times) and would enjoy the wacky aspect of ever-changing rules!

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