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Spring Tides at The Starfish Café by Jessica Redland

I have read quite a few books by this author. The one most connected to this one was: Snowflakes Over The Starfish Café.

Although I have read quite a few books by this author and some continuing and connected series’, I have a hit and miss with some of them. In the previous series that I tackled, I abandoned it after two books even as the other fans of her work continue to adore the books that are coming out with further narratives there. I am mentioning it here because Jessica Redland continues to surprise me, and I love to give every new set of books a shot. I am glad I picked this one up.
In the first installment, we saw the Starfish Cafe, its owner and her lingering issues. She meets a man with his own hefty burden of his own, and their chance meeting leads to a very positive relationship.
We have an additional voice this time, with only Hollie keeping us up to date on the original couple’s end. Tori is an intriguing new addition. On the surface, she seems to be the standard partner in a relationship which has lost all colour and is actively impacting her happiness; on further exploration, it is her past that takes a very unexpected route.
Hollie and Tori met at just the right time, and I kind of knew how their relationship would benefit each other, but it was still satisfying to see it unfold. There is a mystery angle in the background that is quite new.
The pacing is slower because we see individual interactions of the different businesses, and the overall supporting cast we have previously encountered make brief appearances.
There is, however, one small, tiny niggle. I wish Tori’s relationship had not altered by the end. I did not think her story needed the man in her life. I would have walked away even more satisfied if she could manage to be happy with a friend and the role they played in the other’s lives without it turning it into anything else. I am probably in the minority here, but I had to comment on it because it lingered with me a while after I set it aside.
This is an author, and this series in particular (the whole extended one), is something that most readers of this genre will enjoy.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

3 thoughts on “Spring Tides at The Starfish Café by Jessica Redland”

  1. This sounds like a good one, I liked the mystery element in that Scotland/tea services one I read a while ago (A Scottish Highland Surprise, I think). I’ve seen this author’s books around but apparently haven’t read any yet.

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    1. Don’t think I’ve read the one you’ve mentioned.. It would be hard to miss this author’s books the last couple of years .. She released so many with here current publishers! 😃😃

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