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Wyrd Sisters (Discworld #6) by Terry Pratchett

It was only toward the very end of this book that I realised that I had read it before. For those who have read this and others who might in the future, it was the reveal that did it. It was so odd and clever that it must have stuck in my head from a time long ago.
I read this book as part of the ARCs I requested, thanks to NetGalley and the publishers who are reprinting them all (or did quite recently). One main thing that made a strong impression on my mind, and it seems to be an iteration of what I have realised in my last few (re)reads of his books, is the extent to which my naivety (since I read them in high school) protected me from the double entendres. I do not enjoy all of them, but some are quite hilarious.
This is a stand-alone story with a few faint tie-ins but can be read without knowing anything about Discworld’s background. We have a death of a monarch who was not good but was just right for his role and, consequently, keeping the balance amongst his subjects. He is not happy(note the present tense) about his death or the following attempted killing of his son. This is when the three witches enter the scene (they were already shown to us, but they line up with the narrative at that point). They start to interfere in things they originally claimed were none of their business.
As with most of his books, this is all about the dialogues between the few central characters and the formation of the sentences adding that extra zing to the read. I chuckled a lot initially, but I think this particular instalment would not be amongst my favourites.
It is always a pleasure to read a book that is almost exactly as old as I am and know that even with the political incorrectness (which is almost always on purpose- so I guess I should be saying especially with instead), it has the power to charm and entertain. Fans of Macbeth might find an extra layer of humour in this particular story.
My only bias in writing this review would be the fact that I have read quite a few of Terry Pratchett’s works, some remembered well and others not as clearly. I have liked a huge chunk of them, and the slower I peruse them, the more hidden gems of dialogues and punchlines I find. This latter part is how things usually work, but I felt it was worth mentioning.

2 thoughts on “Wyrd Sisters (Discworld #6) by Terry Pratchett”

  1. Long time since I read this but not my favourite either. Macbeth was not so fresh in my mind when I read it either so while I picked up on the connections, it was only vaguely so. I do enjoy the Citywatch books a lot.

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