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To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara

I do not know why I finished this book. It might have been the author’s skill in writing a story, but the story’s content did not hold me the way I hoped it would.
It is a tome of a book, or at least felt that way. It is the primary reason for my not enjoying the experience. If I had spent a little less time working my way through the book, I would have been more lenient and appreciative of the plotlines.
The first thing that I am sure most people will notice in reviews of this book is the fact that it is a three-part story. I usually like such a plot, but in this case, there was almost no connection between the parts, except for the name and maybe the fact that they were related. This made the entire book feel very odd, to say the least. The names of the central characters were repeated, causing me a lot of confusion. In the best of times, I find it hard to retain who was who based on names (I focus more on individual characteristics); here, I was perplexed and almost gave up a couple of times.
It is a story of a utopia or dystopia (based on perception) in the past, the immediate future and a few hundreds of years beyond that. The prominent men in all the chapters had the same names, but their roles changed. Each situation was different, and the society was as well. The US and its relationship with Hawaii were also mentioned in every section.
There are a lot of topics that start but do not go anywhere.
I will iterate that I thought the author has skill in writing, which is why I persisted and saw it through to the end, hoping to reveal the thread that connected them all and therefore satisfying my curiosity. The ending of the last section is when I decided that I could not truthfully claim to have liked the book. All the misdirections in the different events, I could still say, were good talking points, but after all that, leaving the ending as a cliffhanger was something I could not stomach.
I would not recommend this particular book to anyone I know, but I would recommend the author!
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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