Chick lit

The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim by Jules Wake

Narrated by Laura Brydon

Book is still available for request on NetGalley

This is a simple, straightforward book that provides exactly as advertised. The narrator of the audio version was pretty brilliant. I could hear the laughter in the voice as she modulated it to suit the situation.
Our lead protagonist is a woman who finds it hard to toe the line. At first blush, she seems like a carefree personality who does not want to be tied down by what is expected of her, but as we soon learn, we should never judge too quickly.
Ettie has had many more jobs than she feels is prudent to reveal on her CV. When her current one goes up in flames (literally), she finds herself back home and applying for a temp position with two people who say they want to start a hotel. I used the word ‘say’ because it is only with Ettie’s presence that things start to move and ideas take shape. The love story begins quickly and moves at a believable pace between two consenting adults. The whole story would have been as simple as that if not for the presence of a wild lake on the property where Ettie now works. It has been featured on some blog, and is not a hotspot for people wanting to swim, but Ettie’s boss has his own reasons for wanting no such shenanigans on his property. The lure of the swim for herself and those asking her to aid them in their escapades proves too hard to resist, and Ettie helps plan rendezvous at the lake for the good of everyone but that one central figure.
This is the part that provides the twist in the tale. Every person who swims brings their own mini-story. I am sure there will be moments in the descriptions that make sense for anyone who enjoys swimming. I liked all the people and the way things happen. I enjoyed all the personal interactions the most – made all the better with the narration!
I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes swimming and/or reading books of this ilk.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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