Non Fiction

Our Wild Farming Life by Lynn Cassells and Sandra Baer

Narrated by Lynn Cassells

The most thrilling part of this book was the fact that I heard it on audio. One of the authors herself narrated it, and it was so full of feeling.
There were quite a few repetitions that I would have been annoyed by if I was reading it in print, but since they were voiced with the enthusiasm that it was, I did not mind it. The repeated statements were about things that were important to the couple, their ideologies and a few decisions they took. While listening to her, though, I got why she was mentioning certain things repeatedly because of the fervour with which she talked of it.
I have not watched the BBC series mentioned on the cover, but people who have might know the authors already. They are a couple who decided to live out their love for the wild and nature. They started off studying things that were not remotely connected to what they eventually ended up doing, but the journey was as much part of the story as the building and functioning of the farm.
There is a deep love and understanding that flows through the book. I have felt that deeply about very few things in life but always admired it in others. In this case, there was a lot to admire. They come across as ordinary people that we may have passed on the street, but the determinations and literal backbreaking work they take up at different stages are definitely inspirational.
I do not want to talk about their life too much because picking this version or the book version of this is something I would recommend to anyone who has wanted to read about people trying in their small (or large) way to the world around them. The overall positivity in the narrative is its primary strength.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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