Book Recommendations

May 2022 Books Vs Moods

My monthly compilation post is something I am always happy to publish. My last month’s was:April 2022 Books Vs Moods.

If you are new here, this is my monthly review where I associate all the books I recommend from this month with the mood they will be best appreciated in. I have linked the review to the covers if you missed it earlier this month.

I saw a semblance of change this month. I have started distributing my time among different pursuits. It has only been a week, but I hope to make it more permanent.

It was a special month, in that we went on our first trip since August 2020. It was only four days but felt like a sunbeam through clouds over mountaintops (an actual image I got to enjoy after two years). It renewed my spirit and I am looking forward to the rest of the year!

Rainy day read(cosy/comfortable/Tearful/Joyful/Fun)

Restless Energy (Dramatic/Ominous/thriller/adventure)

Inquisitive mood (In the mood for a puzzle to solve)

Reading Group /Book Club (Debatable)

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