Historical fiction, Mystery

Poison at the Village Show by Catherine Coles

I missed a day at the start of this month and lost my streak of continuous posting. I am not too caught up in the thought only because I managed to sit down and put this together. I am not sure which part of that statement to take as an indication of what this month will bring! I cannot believe it is already mid-way through 2022. I will save the exclamations for a later mid-year post that I should have out by the 15th if all goes according to plan.

This book falls under one of my favourite types of mysteries: The start of a series with a likeable protagonist and an interesting setup. To add to that, we also have a mysterious background that needs further investigation that we will presumably get in future instalments. 

Martha Miller, or more interesting to the townsfolk, Mrs Miller, is a recluse. She has not endeared herself to her neighbours, and they have not really helped matters by circulating all kinds of random rumours about what actually happened to the missing Mr Miller, who supposedly went out for work one day and was never seen again.

This first introduction is not about him but about the poison in the village show. Martha has been aloof while trying to make do with what she has because money is one thing her husband did not leave her with. Her relationship with her sister and how it evolves is an ideal way of pointing out the character growth in the background of the actual mystery. 

Martha is not treated well in any situation which involves multiple townspeople under one roof. As she watches, one of the people standing near her dies of poison. What follows is the standard investigation by an amateur to ensure that she stays in the clear.

I liked the mystery and was pleasantly surprised by the conclusion. The characters were very engaging, and I look forward to encountering them again. 

I would recommend this series to anyone who likes such a tale, and hopefully, the author has set up an interesting outcome for the missing husband part of the narrative.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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