Chick lit, Historical fiction, Mystery

Death in Paris (Màiri Maguire #1) by Kate Darroch

I am about one week away from a self-imposed deadline to make my first set of graphs for the year. I thought I was on track for it until I took a few days off from reading and blogging. It remains to be seen what this week will bring!

Funnily enough, although the central plot of this book was the death in Paris, it was the part I appreciated the least. I ended up finding the set-up unique and the narrative voice entertaining despite the gaping holes of things our lead protagonist missed.
It is the 1970s, and Màiri has decided to suddenly take up a job in a country very unlike the one she is used to. Her reasons for doing so take up some space in the plotline, but I was not complaining. It was fun to see something like this play out in a different time and place than I am used to (although I am unaware of how accurate the placements were).
To use the time between the new job and the old, She decides to go on a package tour of sorts with her best friend, who she is taking along with her for the job as well.
In the background, there are some shady things underway. Not everyone’s history made complete sense but, for the most part, fit into the bigger picture.
A man most people disliked, but many initially said(lied) they had no prior knowledge of, is found dead. This puts the breaks on otherwise happy plans, so our leading lady decides to investigate. She does seem to dig the hole a little deeper instead of coming to the right conclusions. She is earnest but ignores many obvious facts (which, if thought too closely about, would make sense for someone who has never ‘detected’ before).
It was a light book, which worked well mostly because I did not think too much about the reasoning behind things. I am not sure I will be following up with the series, but I think it was a decent first introduction to a series.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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