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Modern Macrame Style by Amaia Martin

I do request a lot more crafts books than I get a chance to try things out of. This time around, I sat down and actually implemented one of the designs.
I have been crocheting and even knitting on and off for a couple of years, but macrame felt just out of reach. It seemed too complex plus to retain in my head. It seemed like the type of thing that my mother was better at. I find it easier to follow exact instructions rather than improvise, and this book helped me do exactly that. It was my first and definitely not the last step into this field.
For someone who is just stepping into macrame (someone like me), this is a very helpful tool. In each section, we begin with the simplest form of either the plant hanger, the household item or the wall hanging and then we slowly progress to the more complex things. The more adventurous could just branch out at that point as well. The author begins the book with what art means to her and how she practices it. True to what she said, there is a meditative quality to the process. Once you know which goes in and out, you can settle in and keep repeating the 1s and 2s in your head as one thread loops around another. That is how I approached it and enjoyed it.
Although my digital copy was blurry, it nonetheless helped me make one plant hanger. I plan to try more before my copy expires. I tried to make mine with chunky cotton instead of the recommended jute but was satisfied with the result, which I guess is the ultimate goal!
I highly recommend this and the designs inside for those who have always been curious about macrame and what it actually entailed. I always felt with crochet and knitting (and even sewing) that people who liked math would find it easier to get to grips, and although it is not a deal-breaker, I think it might be advantageous here as well to see patterns as and when instructions are provided.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading and trial experience.

My square-knot plant hanger-hopefully will be neater with the next attempt

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