The Quicksilver Court (Rooks and Ruin #2) by Melissa Caruso

I am still reviewing books that I have read a while back and yet to catch up with my current reads, which in some cases is good. This is because I am focusing a lot on craft works and this takes me away from actual reading (for now)

Strangely enough, I preferred the first book to this. This is something which the vast majority of people on Goodreads seemed to do the exact opposite of.
That is not to say that this story added a lot more to the previously described world. I would not recommend reading it without knowing about/ or reading the first because nothing in the chaos will make sense otherwise.
This review will obviously be for those who have read the first and are considering the next. Otherwise, I hope the previous statement has warned you from perusing this further. Not that I post any spoilers, but the progress of this story is probably a series of ‘spoilers’ all on its own.
Our leading lady is a person who has led a literal sheltered life (for more reasons than we knew on the first visit). She has finally found ‘her people’, or so she hopes. They get an assignment that leads them into a trap, and what follows is the bulk of the plot. This is the part I had a problem with. I coasted on the varying emotions that were described until the trap sprung, but it felt like they were scheming for an inordinately long number of days. It dragged, and although the content was unique, and I still plan to read the next because I have to know how things end, I did not enjoy the book as much as I hoped to.
The conflicting emotions and the situations are what works for this series. There is no one exact way for people to behave a certain way. It seems like an impossible task to create a new normal in this troubled world, with so many factions vying for dominance, some with more confidence than others. I do not retain the names of factions in my head when I read such books, but given the differing viewpoints and behaviours, it is not difficult to keep them apart.
I recommend this series to people who like trying different types of fantasy.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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