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Mid-Year Stats 2022

As always, I am glad to have come this far. I have had a tough couple of years keeping my discipline up. I have been falling behind on my reviews, and even the reading. This is obvious from the number of books I have read thus far. Last year it was 145 whereas this year it’s 129!

My last year’s post was Mid Year Stats 2021 – Graphs Galore. You should definitely check it out if you, like me like these random analyses.

The following are the two books that I have read and reviewed and their status on Goodreads

I do not know why my average rating has fallen, but it seems to have!

Top-rated books on Goodreads

Lowest books on Goodreads

The exact same ratio as last year!! This was unexpected.

Fiction vs Non Fiction and the number of books ( The Blue is NF obviously)
Genres of Graphic NovelsDrama(2)Humour
Genres of Short StoriesMystery(2)Sci-fiMemoirHumour

Non-Audio pages vs/genre

I just realised I could make these strange shapes, I am definitely making the full use of this sudden recognition
Books vs Genre vs Gender
No.of hours listening times for audiobooks
Number of books vs where and how I got it
Originally an ARC, listened on KU2
Reprint of older books2
Funnily the rating has stayed the same as well!
Years of publication
Time when the story was based (once again the 2019 is for all those books released recently and did not consider the pandemic)

Fantasy world -19, and multiple parts of the world

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