Drama, Mystery

Two Truths and One Liar by Deirdre Riordan Hall

I have had good luck with more unknown books as well as ones which have a younger cast. I thought I would give this one a shot hoping for the trend to continue. That was not the case.
This has a very interesting premise, and parts of the conclusion (or one of them) were actually quite unique and made sense with the bigger picture.
The first point was that the multicast’s voices were not as distinct as I would have wanted them to be. Although their individual tales were different and their growth arcs differed enough to warrant my being to identify the voice without seeing the chapter heading, I was unable to until a few pages into the chapters.
We have three girls and three guys whose thoughts we are privy to. They are all set to graduate soon, and that comes with its own weights. One of the more popular (in both good and bad ways) teachers is at the forefront of many’s thoughts. He is then later found dead, and for some inexplicable reason, six students are targeted. The deeper we got into the narrative, the more I refused to accept the basic premise of what was happening. That coupled with the way we were presented with possible endings, I could not enjoy the story.
I liked the individual people (even with the voice issue), and just as a complex high school story without the murder, this book would have worked better for me.
I may not be continuing with this series, but the more adventurous people who like the more twisty high school murder mysteries might enjoy this.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own listening experience.

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