Non Fiction

When Animals Rescue by Belinda Recio

Narrated by Hayden Panettiere

I talked big at the start of the month, but things happened as they usually do. I jinxed my writing spree. Given that I was still reading and listening to books, my mountain of reviews is the largest it has ever been. I have fed and watered myself, and I am sitting down to work my way through it. I hope I can do them all justice! I am planning to schedule one review during the day and another at night. As my blog has almost slowed to a crawl, I hope this will be just the jump it (and I) need.

I chose to listen to two of the author’s books close to each other. This basically brought down some of the excitement since the ‘feel’ of the stories are similar even if the content is not.
Although the narration was brilliant, I think I missed out on the pictures that would be accompanying the print version. If you purchase the audiobook, however, there is a way to access the photos, which is something for people considering this to note.
The cover and tagline say everything that I possibly could about what this book is all about. The foreword is touching, and the author’s notes provide perspective. The sheer admiration the author has for collecting this data is evident. It is one thing to watch bite-sized videos on a loop on Instagram or elsewhere about the delightful doings of animals; the scale of this collection is a lot larger. I especially appreciated the way the chapters are divided. It helped keep my attention when I listened continuously.

It is not heavily science-based, and the whys of the anecdotes are not investigated to a deeper extent. The author provides only exactly what she promises: lots of stories of animals who behave the way we as puny, simple-minded humans would never consider them to!
I highly recommend this to lovers of the genre and those looking for a non-fiction audiobook that one can dip in and out of.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own listening experience.


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