The Cousins by Karen M. McManus


My biggest disclaimer with this book would have to be the fact that I tend to like her books. Her writing and characters straddle the line between feeling sometimes realistically young but coloured with those grown-up moments for better drama. I tend to read these books in one sitting. That said, this particular instalment was not one of the best only because I guessed the biggest twist of it all and was surprised that the clever proceedings in the narrative did not stumble onto that.
This story is narrated with three distinct voices. They are related, but they only know this because of second-hand information and not because they have built any specific bonds despite being similar in age.
They have an estranged grandmother who has summoned them to a private island to better get to know them. This road is not easy, though. All the parents want different things from this repairing of relations, and the children have decided to make a trade for something they want themselves.
What they face once there gets more and more convoluted. If a person picking this up has not read too many thrillers and is in the habit of jumping to conclusions (sometimes right), then they will enjoy this even more.
I have read all the books by the author thus far and given a chance, I will read her next work as well. I have a hard time with authors who write this age group of characters, but since I have had a good experience with all the previous works, and to some extent with this one, I highly recommend her books to those who have not already tried them.


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