The Survivors by Jane Harper

I have only read one book before by the author, having seen her name being discussed quite fervently on the blogosphere the past few years. The thing that is most compelling about the books is the evocative writing that lets the reader experience the place and situation as if they were physically present there.
As soon as the book begins, we are taken to this remote location with the water, a girl/woman, and a skulking watcher. There is no indication about who the girl is or what just happened in that scene. We only get to clarify our doubts at the very end.
The remote location of the town reminded me a lot of some of the situations in another book I recently read from the library, but the tone and writing set this apart quite definitively. In this remote town, everyone knows everyone else, and a tragedy happened several years ago.
We are not given the entire picture immediately (obviously), but the uneasiness prevails, effectively ensuring that we know that something is really wrong. Some people left the town once they finished school, and others stayed behind. It is not a happy reunion as our main narrator is there because his father needs to be moved into a home. As he tries to spend time with his daughter, memories plague him. A girl is found dead on the beach to make matters more complicated. The location and the situation remind everyone of an old case of a missing girl that has never been resolved. There is a new investigator involved this time around, with no connections to anybody, and things long hidden might finally see the light.
There are so many false trails that I went eagerly down only to realise that it is not something that could lead me to a conclusion. It made me rethink my suspicions each time. I did not expect the ending. The normalcy of one part of it and the surprise of the reveal is why I am rating the book I did.


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