Sci Fi

Mickey7 (Mickey7 #1) by Edward Ashton

I found the concept at the centre of this book quite interesting. It was the main reason I wanted to read this. In a world where interstellar travel is standard but filled with jobs that people would not survive, our lead protagonist gets a job to be an ‘expendable’. His memories are uploaded and saved, and a new ‘him’ is created, and the memories are then entered into the new body.
I did not realize that this was to be a series when I first started. It is the kind of narrative that makes sense with the ending that was provided, but I guess the overall concept is hard to pass up as a series.
Our initial lead, Mickey the original, decides to take his job because of some bad choices he makes in his home location. Once he signs on to be an expendable, he finds out that there are people who find his situation against their very beliefs. Which is strange given that he exists, so how can they believe otherwise? The latter part creates divisions in the small group of people who are trying to find planets to colonize and start new settlements. Mickey does not help matters by being a smartmouth almost all the time.
Mickey 7, on the other hand, has learnt a lot from his deaths and is starting to doubt the efficiency of the system that he is a part of. When he ends up returning safe and sound after Mickey 8 has already been commissioned, things take a turn for the more complicated.
This book focuses on the world-building and the ideologies of the people around. It did feel new and interesting, although a tad bit long. Given the direction the story took, I thought it could have been slightly shorter. The number of trips to eat and the chances to be caught out was a little repetitive. I would read the next if I had the chance.
I would also recommend this as a good start to a series (even if I did not take it as one initially, this opinion is in retrospect as I write this review)
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.


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