Book Recommendations

August 2022 Books Vs Moods

I have a better time sticking with my plans in the second half of the month. I had higher hopes, but I think the month has ended on a pretty strong note. I hope to see the next month through with the same momentum. Wish me luck! This is my monthly wrap-up where I link… Continue reading August 2022 Books Vs Moods

Non Fiction

Ripple by Jim Cosgrove

There was a phase in life where I wanted to and did watch a lot of crime shows and a few true crime ones as well. I have not read many, mostly because many of them are unsolved, and it is not as helpful to read a book about an actual victim and find out… Continue reading Ripple by Jim Cosgrove

Fantasy, Young Adult/Children

Nora and the Sacred Stones by Nora Hatch Rupper

This is a young adult/middle-grade book that I would have rated higher if not for the romance angle between the main two characters. It felt a little unnecessary, given the other relationships explored during the adventure. This might just be me, and the children of the age group might appreciate the ending more, but I… Continue reading Nora and the Sacred Stones by Nora Hatch Rupper

Chick lit

The Sandycove Supper Club by Siân O’Gorman

I really enjoyed the last book I read by this author. There was something about the style that appealed to me. The people and places that were conjured up were equally attractive. The story was entertaining as well. I, therefore, went into this expecting an equal, if not better, experience. I am talking about another… Continue reading The Sandycove Supper Club by Siân O’Gorman