Romance, Young Adult/Children

The Edge of Summer by Erica George

Narrated by Kathryn Lynhurst

This is a purely romantic story between two eighteen-nineteen-year-olds as they are done with school and try to find their way forward in the world.
Our lead protagonist and the single narrator is Cor. She has always summered in Cape Cod, and this time she is there for her pre-college internship. It was interesting to see the independence, financial and otherwise, of this girl who is not yet in college since it was different when I was that age (being from a different time and country).
Coriander (Cor for short) is carrying around a burden of guilt for how she lost her friend Ella before actually losing her for good. We find out all the information in small pieces as Ella’s essence/spirit provides a running commentary when Cor feels she is doing something wrong.
Since Cor is vulnerable, she does not reveal her love for whales at the appropriate time when asked. This continues to haunt her over the time she spends making new friends at her internship. To complicate things further, she loses her heart for the first time quite quickly. In this picture comes Mannix, a boy who has his own troubles and wants something that his own family doesn’t understand. The narrative takes quite a few deep dives into emotions, and it is done quite well. I just felt it was a little long as I listened to it in Audio format. Given the content, I felt like some things could have been skipped because the author wrote well enough to understand the situation even without additional scenes.
The narrator did a great job bringing this uncertain girl to life and effectively conveyed what the author seemed to want.
I would recommend this to readers who read young adult/ books with protagonists who belong to this age group.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own listening experience.


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