Chick lit, Romance

Unlikely Match by Laura Bradbury

The book is available to request on NetGalley until Oct 2022

The book jumps right into the plot from the very first page. This is an own voice narrative, and it was fascinating (if I can use that word) to see how a person with a disease that is not overtly visible manages to deal with the world around them.
I would not claim to be in those ranks, but there have been moments when people make assumptions about my life as if I had a choice in some matters. I am sure I might have inadvertently done the same to someone else. Imagine such a scenario and dial up the debilitating back story, and you will have the life of Jules Kelly. She is trying to run a company that she founded with her best friend while trying to just stay alive. Her problems seem so vast and all-encompassing that I marvel at any person who manages to continue to maintain their regular lives while handling this.
That is only one aspect of the story; the other is the romance angle of sparks flying from the very first argument. I am a fan of this trope done well and must admit that I liked the way it played out. Both sides made assumptions about the other, and some are bigger than others.
Jules wears bright clothes and cherishes her non-conforming entrepreneurial spirit, while her opponent is a man who dresses in a monochromatic fashion and likes to stick to the set ways. Their choices are explained in better detail as we get to know them better.
I liked the pace of the narrative and found myself deep into the story a few chapters in because of the way the author chose to tell it. I ended up reading it in one sitting, mostly because I could. It was just the right sort of story for the time, and I appreciated the depth and pain hidden alongside the fluffy meet-cute (albeit with a few hiccups). It is not very explicit, making it even better.
I have not read any books by the author before but would recommend this to others who like this genre. I must say that the people on the cover did not meet my exact imagining based on the descriptions, but that almost hardly ever happens.
The ending was expected, but still satisfying which is what I always hope for romantic titles.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is based on my own reading experience.


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