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Accidentally Working Class by Karly Lane

I should like this book. I love the concept. It is something of a draw to see a person change and the way the arc works itself out. In this case, however, I was in the minority. I did not grow to like Quinn or the changes that happened in her life. Most other people who have read it have liked it, and that is something to be taken into account since that might also mean that many others might enjoy it more than I did.
Quinn is rich and from a prestigious family. From the very first page, as she ushers her smarmy boyfriend into the grand family home for Christmas celebrations, I felt she had a very selective view of the world. I hoped to be proved wrong, but she did not especially rise above all the rest of her family as they are all tested by the grandmother.
The setup is very enticing since so much can occur within the framework of a family being distanced from the money that they freely spend on a regular basis. The overall family affair was well done. I would have given it yet another star if I had warmed up to the one person we follow throughout the entire misadventure.
Quinn is sent to work under a disguised name at the family company (yet another trope I enjoy) and uses that time to learn about the ‘average person’ who might be a dedicated employee of the Biscuit company. The work atmosphere and the eventual bonding between the people introduced to us, and the fallout at the reveal were well done.
There is an extra twist thrown in, which was extremely unexpected and added a bit of drama to the storyline.
The author’s writing was well done, and she managed to keep me hooked till the end, even with all my reservations. I will definitely pick another book by her if I get the chance.
As mentioned earlier, I think this would work for most readers of this genre.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is based on my own reading experience.


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    1. That would be awesome! I have seen a few other reviews on goodreads who felt the same, but it would be nicer to see the review from the point of view of somone whose reviews I do follow and have a faint inkling about the reading tastes of! 😀

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