Chick lit

Bootcamp for Broken Hearts by Joanna Bolouri

For people who read a lot more books on average during any given year, thanks to time and access (I am incredibly thankful for both), certain books fall in a very personal category.
These books are fun to read, can be read quickly, and are well written but not something that you sing praises about. It does not mean that the book was bad in any form or fashion. The three-star rating that you give does not have to mean anything negative. It is a comfortable spot that, as a reader, I am thankful exists. It also means that many others will enjoy it more than I did!
The characters in this category of books are well-rounded and fun to meet and watch as they grow during the course of the unfolding of the story. This (if you have not guessed already) is one of those books. It would have been higher rated if the romance did not feel a little rushed. There is a twist hidden, which I saw coming just before I flipped the page, which felt like a treat.
Our lead character is a single mother reaching a point in her life where she thinks she is comfortable without having a significant other, but her sister and best friend/co-owner of a cafe do not agree. They have decided that she needs to open herself to love (which felt slightly annoying since they were not ‘listening’ to her, but since she does find her man at the end, it put me in a very confusing position as to whom I was championing). They gift her an all-paid visit to a boot camp that is supposed to kick start one’s willingness to think well of oneself and be open to positive relationships and remove negative influences from your life. Despite all the joking and inner taunts of the processes, it actually helps people, and they start to rethink things. It is there that Nora Brown finds her joy for the week. The banter was fun and instantaneous, making the ‘courtship’ part of the relationship fun to observe.
As mentioned earlier, if the book spanned a little more time and slowed some things down, I would have loved visiting with all the characters in the narration. They were entertaining, and I still recommend this book to people who love the genre!
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is based on my own reading experience.


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