Chick lit

The Do-Over by Sharon M.Peterson

I read quite a few books in the past month, mostly because they were all ones with happily-ever-afters. If written well, it is a breeze to read, and a book takes less than a day to work my way through in a satisfying manner.
The only problem with reading many of them back to back is that I have to be (or at least end up being) harsher than I usually am otherwise. This book might have had a star higher at any other time, and I would still recommend this to readers of this genre.
The cover of this book depicts the leading lady more realistically, given her descriptions in the book. The narrative style was engrossing and draws you in. It is almost impossible not to like Perci and bemoan her complicated life. Her grandmother is loving and supportive, her mother harsh and critical, and her sister more of an enigma given the choices in men. Our leading lady has a pretty harsh wake-up call at the beginning of the book when her boyfriend publicly dumps her. It is at this point that something in her more ‘normal’ side breaks, and she decides to give rebellion (of smaller proportions than one would imagine for her situation). What follows is how people start to view her differently and how the smaller pieces stack up and change her life in the long run. The arc of her love life felt a little forced and could actually have been a whole novella/part set a little after the other major events of this book.
It was a good growth arc, I just felt like the momentum was off a little, and I would have appreciated a better punishment for naysayers. The best outcome of the lot, I felt, was for the sister’s boyfriend. It was only his comeuppance that seemed to match his behaviour. The mother was let off a little too lightly!
There are very clear lines to show us the characters to cheer for and to hate/dislike. It was hard to see the very people who were supposed to help Perci treat her like someone with no consequence. The one time I teared up was when her father responded to the question she asked him.
There have been other books with such an imbalance in relationships that I have read and found distasteful. The author here did a pretty good job of holding up the story so that the focus was spread around a little.
I would like to read any future books by the author.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is based on my own reading experience.


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