Chick lit, Short Stories

Single Taken Cursed by Nicki Bell

I expected something different when I picked this book. I thought it would be a collection of stories of people that the author goes out to meet and then encounters strange situations. They were not all that way. A couple were just ones that happened to the author during the course of her numerous and varied jobs. I think the book could have actually focused on that! The author seems to have tried a lot of interesting avenues.
It is a short book, with even shorter chapters of varying hilarity. This rating of mine is more because I did not find anything to dislike in the book. There is a dignity that is maintained throughout, making it easy to chuckle at some instances and not really react to others.
Given the size of the book, this review cannot really be longer than this. I think people who have participated in the dating scene and faced odd people would probably enjoy this more than I did.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is based on my own reading experience.


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