Non Fiction

Ripple by Jim Cosgrove

There was a phase in life where I wanted to and did watch a lot of crime shows and a few true crime ones as well. I have not read many, mostly because many of them are unsolved, and it is not as helpful to read a book about an actual victim and find out at the very end that the killer was never caught.
I thought this was a solved case with appropriate closure when I started it, but that is not exactly the case. I liked the author’s writing, but the story reads more like a very in-depth analysis of the Irish family life than about an individual and what happened to him. I would have rated it higher if the book had been marketed in that manner.
The author was a family friend of the deceased but not acquainted with him personally. He talks of how he came to research the death and the timing of the release of this book.
The case is laid out in pieces, with the people and their backgrounds and interactions being at the forefront (hence my confusion about the focus). It was not a bad book, but it was not for me. I am not sure I would recommend it to true crime buffs, but I think it would work better for people who like life stories covering different sections of American society.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is based on my own reading experience.

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