The Case of the Baited Hook by Erle Stanley Gardner

Narrated by: Alexander Cendese

I have been very lax in keeping up with my kindle unlimited books. I have been further lazy to review the few I have read/listened to. I plan to correct this before my end-of-year graph-making sessions because I do not want my reading to appear completely similar.
I almost typed the words surprisingly fun, but given my recent experiences with the audiobook versions of Perry Mason’s adventures, I should say unsurprisingly fun. If one approaches these books with the right mindset, there is some solid reading/listening time to be had with the books.
This particular one starts quite entertainingly. It is a dark stormy night, and Perry Mason gets a call from an unknown person demanding a secretive meeting at his office. It is here that a lot of money is offered to perry Mason without him knowing who his female client is (wearing a mask and keeping quiet) and to defend her when the time is right. These cryptic instructions are quite annoying to both Perry Mason and us as the reader because, within the next few chapters, we have a total of four women who could be the secret client!
Much of the book is spent with Perry Mason trying to head off his clients and ensure he has enough information to keep his promise and keep himself safe from actually being incarcerated.
I kept jumping from one culprit to another until certain facts were revealed that crossed at least a few people off the list.
The beginning of the story gives almost no indication as to the convoluted finale that wraps the book up.
If anyone is trying to read more books with the dynamic lawyer and his faithful sidekicks, this is an entertaining installment. As a bonus, the narrator is quite brilliant in bringing the character to life. The person we see is lighter(while maintaining his intelligence) than in the series on TV. I would actually recommend the audiobook over the physical read for this series. The suspense does seem more potent here.

Once again: Extremely random cover!


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