Dawnshard by Brandon Sanderson (Stormlight archive #3.5)

I have read and reviewed the previous works in the series on the blog: #1,#2,#3, #2.5

I have been following this series from the beginning, and I watch as the progress is made painfully slowly. They are heavy tomes, and even my sister and her husband., who are not big readers, were hooked for a time. Now, they are not in a hurry to progress because they know there is a long way to go. There are so many complex issues within this world that I cannot remember everything when I pick the next. I cannot even imagine how the author is writing this book simultaneously with other series!
My usual statement that accompanies most reviews of books in a series is that you will get something out of this review if you have either started the series or intend to. Even with my vagueness, or maybe because of it, it might be hard for anyone else to get much from the text apart from the fact that I enjoyed my read.
Like some of the other half-positioned books, this one is a much slimmer volume than the main set. It also deviates significantly from the narrative that was progressing. We have several characters who are missing from the story, but we do get to peek a little further into some people who played quieter roles previously.
For some adventurous people, who do not mind mild spoilers( surprisingly mild, actually), these ‘novellas’ are not a bad place to start because it introduces the style of the Stormlight Archive. We have two main voices here. Each voice takes over the space in the narrative when it is their turn to talk. Their voices are distinct, as is their role in the voyage that begins and continues as a significant chunk of the plot. The voyage has been sanctioned by the queen as she needs people to find out why previous attempts to reach a particular almost-mythical island have been so badly thwarted.
Newer creatures are introduced here, as are strong voices who will probably carry some more significance in the next. The size of the discoveries and the losses here are such that I would not recommend skipping this if you are reading the series.
The size was surprisingly the reason it is not a five-star read for me. It felt like biting into cotton candy. Nothing was resolved, although a few battles took place, and new ‘rules’ were uncovered. There is nothing that I would complain about when it comes to the narration and the action sequences. I am just impatient for things to move along since I cannot imagine where everything is headed!
I read this as an ARC, thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.


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