Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi

I have read and reviewed the previous book on the blog : here

I picked this book up because I saw it on the library shelf (like I do with most of my library reads). I was not enthralled by the first in this series, mostly because I think the author and the plot are targeting a younger audience than me. There is a subtle difference in stories like this when they have a younger crowd to impress, or so I assume. That said, there are still some of those that I actually end up enjoying, so I keep giving them a shot.
This second book picks up right where the last left off. The Magic was released, and now the ruling class have Magic themselves, a more twisted and sometimes powerful than the Magi. Our trope of adventurers is feeling the letdown of an arduous journey, especially since one of their own has fallen.
It is at this time that splits occur in what people consider to be the next best step. Two major factions form, and even within those, there is a further division. The splits within, as they are wont to do, are between those out for blood and others looking for a manageable solution.
I am not going into the details for two obvious reasons. If you have read the first, then this may serve as spoilers, and if you haven’t, my going into further details will not make much sense in the larger scheme of things.
The strongest point in the narrative is the mirroring of behaviour between the two sides. The fears and the strategies are almost the same, causing the actual mayhem. I may not have appreciated this as much as some others might, but I still want to know how everything will be resolved in this world, coming to terms with its own power. I am not as fond of the romantic pairings and think the book would have been as interesting even without it.

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