Comics & Graphic Novel

Hollow by Shannon Watters; Branden Boyer-White, Berenice Nelle

I was tempted by the feel of the cover and wanted to try it out. It was quite an adventure-filled plot. It felt quick but effective, and I can see teenage audiences appreciating it as well (I can only guess that since it has been several years since I’ve been one).
Izzy Crane is new to town. She is joining her school just in time to see the weird side of her new town shine. They revel in the concept of Halloween and everything that it entails. There are historical lores which tie the reigning local family. The Van Tassels act out scenes from the past. The current teenager in the family is Vicky, who is acting most unlike herself (or so her family feels). Izzy is instantly captivated by Vicky and tries her best to cross paths.
There is, however, an actual threat looming just on the periphery. It is by sheer chance that Vicky survives to the point of finding out about the threat to her life. The book consists of Izzy being a typical new student in town, then stumbling onto the headless horseman and, with the help of some trusty friends, set out to lay things to rest once and for all.
It was fun, and the art was quite enticing. It sets the mood without being overpoweringly dark or dreary. I would recommend this to anyone looking for graphic novels that are not all blood and gore!
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers. My review is entirely based on my own reading experience.


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